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Sound Kitchen 2022 at World Stage Design|Call for Entries – Round 2

May 19, 2022

OISTAT Sound Design Sub-commission at World Stage Design 2022 and, Mr. Brad Ward, Sound Kitchen curator invites all interested practitioners to submit entries for Sound Kitchen 2022 at World Stage Design 2022 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Sound Kitchen is an opportunity for selected sound designers and composers who work in live theatre to publicly present or perform their work in a listening-friendly space. Sound Kitchen builds an inclusive international community amongst sound designers and is an opportunity for designers to learn about current trends and methods being used by other designers around the world. It is also a fun and enjoyable event for WSD attendees and is an opportunity for non-sound people to learn about sound design. 

Sound Kitchen was conceived by the late Steven Brown (UK), and we continue the tradition in his memory. This year, we also pay tribute to Howard Kauffman (US) who was a major part of Sound Kitchen 2017 who passed away in 2020. 

Presentations may be live performances, demonstrations, or playback of previous work or work in development. While visual components are welcome, the focus should be on sound. Pieces may be compositions (or extracts from longer compositions), sound art, sounds from an installation, or soundscores from theatre or live entertainment. Each piece should be no more than 20 minutes in length. 

We especially encourage (but are not limited to) applications which reflect the following: 

For 2022, the number of performances will be determined by the number of successful entries, but typically we present 4-8 performances per day for 2-3 days. There will be an opportunity to discuss your work with the listeners after the performance. There may also be the opportunity for extended performances by selected groups in the evenings for the larger WSD and City of Calgary in Theatre Jam at Springboard. 

Performance Environment:
Our venue will be the Doolittle Studio, a flexible space with a focus on being listen-friendly and one that inspires conversation. It will seat 40 audience members. All Covid-19 protocols required by UCalgary and WSD will be adhered to. 

We are also exploring the possibility of live-streaming selected events in a multi-channel format. 
We will provide limited theatrical lighting, video displays and/or projectors for i-mag (image magnification) and presentation materials, together with limited drape, tables, chairs, etc., all of which will be flexible, and based on your presentation. 

The space will be designed based on the successful entries, so feel free to detail your requirements and ideas in your entry. 

Sound System:
A high quality multi-channel immersive sound system will be provided, but performers are asked to supply all playback equipment, all necessary software, and anything else needed to perform the work. 

Output should be Dante or line-level balanced analog audio. We are open to including remote performers too (if technology allows), but at least one participant should be available in Calgary for the performance. 

The multi-channel sound system will enable movement of sound in the X/Y/Z planes and will include loudspeakers with appropriate amplifiers, mixing desk, spatialization engine, direct injection boxes (as required), Dante interface, microphones and stands, projector/screen. 

The final system design will be developed based on your needs, so feel free to list any special requests

Other Notes:
Performers must clear all potential copyright claims for the work being presented. 
There is no fee to submit your application. Sound Kitchen is 100% voluntary. Performers are not paid, nor are there any funds for travel, accommodation, per diem, or any other expenses incurred. 

Registration at WSD is required to participate and attend Sound Kitchen. Tickets for Sound Kitchen are
free. You can register here.

You are welcome to apply for grants to support your participation. 
If you require a letter of invitation for visa purposes or funding applications, please email info_wsd2021@ucalgary.ca. Visa processing times are taking longer than expected, please do not wait to apply for your travel visa if required. You can find information on visa applications to Canada here: 
https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp. 2022 Schedule:

Mr. Brad Ward 
Sound Kitchen Curator 

Download this PDF for information about the call, apply before June 30, 2022.