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Sound Kitchen 2023︱Open Call︱Presented by Prague Quadrennial and OISTAT

Dec 23, 2022

Sound Kitchen offers a unique opportunity for sound designers, artists and composers from across many cultures around the world working in every form of theatre to present or perform their work as part of Prague Quadrennial 2023.

An expert team of curators, all seasoned sound professionals facilitate staging the presentations to the highest standards in an immersive multichannel environment to an audience of 50+ PQ visitors and by arrangement students from supporting educational establishments.

The curators hope to stage 20+ entries over a period of 2-3 days. Typically, mornings are tech preparation for afternoon and evening presentations of around 30 minutes duration with short change over breaks as required.

Sound Kitchen has a reputation as a crucible for the exchange of ideas resulting in the formation of countless international friendships and collaborations. Offering a platform to budding and established sound artists and designers to present their work in a relaxed congenial environment creates a rare opportunity to experiment and bond while learning from each other.

SK presentations and performances are: brilliant, bizarre, intelligent, inspirational, visceral, moving, highly entertaining and even very funny. We are deeply grateful to the many truly talented individuals and groups who have contributed to date and look forward to more of the same in the future.

With no budget of its own, SK curators, collaborators and contributors cover their own costs to attend. SK requires a free of cost space for the event provided by PQ or affiliate organisation or institution.

SK is dependent on generous support from the professional audio community, who since inception have helped curate and provide sound equipment for previous SK gatherings. We trust this support to continue for SK@PQ23.

A suitable space and dates are hopefully soon to be confirmed and once agreed the call for entries can be published and the process can start. Contributors need to plan dates and in many cases arrange funding which can take time.

This fun and enjoyable event has a 15 year history in conjunction with PQ and WSD exhibitions. With the support of Prague
Quadrennial and OISTAT the Curators enthusiastically look forward to building on the success of previous Sound Kitchen events to make SK@PQ23 the best yet.

Call for Entries

Deadline April 1st 2023

Sound Kitchen is an opportunity for sound designers and composers who work in all forms of sound to publicly present or perform their work in a listening-friendly space.

Sound Kitchen draws on and builds an inclusive international community amongst sound designers and is an opportunity for designers to learn about current trends and methods being used by other designers around the world. It is also a fun and enjoyable event for PQ attendees and is an opportunity for non-sound people to learn about sound design.

Presentations may be live performances, demonstrations, or playback of previous work or work in development. While visual components are welcome, the focus should be on sound. Pieces may be compositions (or extracts from longer compositions), sound art, sounds from an installation, or sound scores from theatre or live entertainment.

Presentations may be in person or remote.

The number of performances will be determined by the number of successful entries, but typically we present 4-8 performances per day for 2-3 days. There will be an opportunity to discuss your work with the listeners after the performance.

Application/Entry Instruction:

Follow these steps to submit your entry. Prepare a brief sample of your work (no more than 10 minutes - entries longer than 10 minutes may not be considered) and or upload it to a Google Drive or DropBox link it in your application.

A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of your entry. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1 week, contact us as we may not have received your entry.

Accepted applicants will be informed as soon as possible and by 15th April 2023 latest.

For further information, please contact: TheSoundKitchenCuratorsPQ23@gmail.com

Curation Team and Jury: Robin Whittaker, Peter Rice, Brad Ward, Roger Alsop, Bassam Yaqout, Nela Brown, Andrew O'Connor.

The jury is a diverse and inclusive group of sound designers/composers from around the world. The process will be unbiased and will focus on quality through diversity.

Download the call in PDF