Call for Performance, Workshops & Talks at WSD: Scenofest 2025

Jul 8, 2024

The heritage of our region we hold with pride. We embrace the stories, we enjoy the creative, and we respect the history. World Stage Design 2025 (WSD25) at Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (SPAA) is where we explore our next heritage whilst celebrating our past. Tomorrow’s heritage is today’s exploration. We create this heritage with our neighbours, as a global community.

Tomorrow’s heritage is dependent on our environment; without it, there is no need to create. At WSD25, everything we do, we consider our ecological footprint, how can it be reduced, is it minimal, is there an alternative. We ask you to join us to do the same.

We invite you to submit your proposal for a performance, workshop, or talk to Scenofest 2025, to be presented at WSD25 from 18th – 25th October 2025 in Sharjah, UAE.

Your proposal must be submitted via the online link on the website by 7th October 2024: www.sharjahwsd2025.com/scenofest

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of Scenofest World Stage Design 2025. Share your passion, ignite your creativity, and shape the future of performance design with us in Sharjah!


When proposing a performance, you are also invited to hold a Q&A session sharing your work process, deliver a workshop, or hold a presentation. You can indicate your interest on the online form.

There will be a range of venues available, from conventional theatres and rehearsal studios to outdoor spaces.

The Scenofest Producer, along with the Planning Committee, will make the final selection from the submissions for performances. We will contact the finalists to coordinate all of the details required, including the performance venue information and technical needs.

The final selection for WSD 2025 will require the selected artists/companies to take responsibility for the transport of their performance to and from Sharjah.  WSD 2025 will provide the venue, technical facilities, accommodation, and production and technical crew for the load in, operation, and load out. 


About Scenofest

Scenofest was initially presented at the Prague Quadrennial in 2003 to programme activities for students and emerging artists, and it became an integral part of World Stage 
Design in 2013. World Stage Design 2025 (WSD25) and Scenofest 2025 will offer an inspirational combination of international and local thought. Key industry professionals 
will be assembled to deliver a series of engaging and interactive activities comprising of master classes, seminars, and performances exploring all aspects of performance and theatre design. The array of events will feature a distinct programme designed specifically for professionals, emerging artists, and student attendees. Scenofest will also incorporate programming from all of the OISTAT commissions. 

Scenofest is a fantastic opportunity to share performances from solo to ensemble casts, as well as to assemble a global and multicultural spectrum of presentations. We are particularly keen to receive applications from designers/ scenographers/ artists, and theatre companies who are inspired by the mission and core ethos of WSD25 of tomorrow’s heritage and how we embed sustainable practice into our work. The curators are seeking global participation and cross-cultural exchange to enhance the international spirit of this event. 

WSD 2025 reserves the right to photograph all events within the World Stage Design 2025 programme and to use the imagery to publicise and document the event. All images used will be fully credited with the Artist/ Company’s details.