Project|Scenic Designers Author Rights Comparative Study

Jan 8, 2019

The objective of this OISTAT project is to carry out an exhaustive study of the legal position in the performing arts sector of stage directors, set designers, costume designers, lighting designers and video-scenic designers, with the purpose of promoting the greater legal recognition of such professionals as authors of creative works and holders of corresponding intellectual property rights at national, European and international level.
All OISTAT Centres and national and international Professional Designers Associations are invited to fill out the attached Questionnaire that will configure the database to carry out the comparative study.
The final objective of the project is the preparation of a framework proposal to be presented to the European Union authorities in Brussels.
Download all of the documents, including:
01_Scenic Designers Author Rights project summary
02_Example_QUESTIONNAIRE Spain december 31, 2018
03_Example_QUESTIONNAIRE Spain - Anexes I, II and III
QUESTIONNAIRE_en_blank pdf
QUESTIONNAIRE_en_blank word
Please send the completed form to the project leader, Mr. José Luis Ferrera by jlferrera@telefonica.net.
If you have any questions, please contact the team also by jlferrera@telefonica.net, we will be more than happy to help.

Project Working Group

*Asociación OISTAT España –
José Luis Ferrera, President

*AAPEE, Asociación de Artistas Plásticos Escénicos de España –
Association of Scenic Plastic Artists of Spain
Alexander Voronyuk, AAPEE’s Lawyer Elisa Sanz, Treasurer

*AAI, Asociación de Autores de Iluminación –
Association of Lighting Designers of Spain Juan Gómez-Cornejo, President
Ezequiel Nobili, Secretary

*TTLA-TELA, Los Teatros de Latinoamérica
The Theatres of Latin America
Claudia Suárez, Latin America Coordinator