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TIP 2011 - Submission Deadline Extended to October 1, 2010

Sep 1, 2010

Submission Deadline Extended to 1st October, 2010

Every true Theatre Technician knows it and relies on it: devices particularly used in theatre, often put together by people working on stage to make their job easier.
True gadgets or basically simple--yet smart--solutions for our kind of work.
There must be quite a lot of them, some used only in opera, others in traveling shows, some for some reason only in one particular country. Simple solutions to tie a cable to a fly bar, handy tilting devices, accessories for lightning technicians...
Mostly they consist of cheap materials that we use all the time, but are put together in a way that creates a new apparatus. Quite normal to the people accustomed to working with it--unheard of by fellow technicians somewhere else! Who knows: you yourself might even have invented one!
Would it not be interesting to share this knowledge?

So here it is:
The Technical Commission of OISTAT initiates a competition of these simple yet bright ideas that are in use on stage every day:
The TIP!
Awarded to the theatre technician who comes up with the most creative idea for common practice on stage.
The winner will be announced on the TIP award ceremony at the PQ2011 in Prague.

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