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What is Theatre Architecture Competition?

May 25, 2021

Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) is an international competition organized by the OISTAT Architecture Commission. It has taken place every four years since 1978 with the objective to encourage new ideas about theatre architecture and interdisciplinary cooperation. Every 4 years AC arranges a competition for young architects and architectural students. In this way it provides for the participants an entry in an important scene of the theatre world. Up to now TAC-competitions where held:

1978 Paris
1983 Stockholm
1987 Amsterdam
1990 Moscow
1999 Prague
2003 Hengelo
2007 Prague
2011 Prague
2015 Berlin
2017 Hsinchu

The names of the cities are related to either the concrete site or the city, where the jury held is meeting, if that time the sitewas to be chosen by the participants. Every competition was a reaction and a development of the former one.

For OISTAT and AC it is one method of spreading the knowledge on theatre design and all the basic rules of performance spaces which descend from the ancient classic Greek-Roman theatres, passing by Shakespeares Globe to nowadays multimedia centers. It is also a chance to confront members with different approaches to the solution caused by different cultural backgrounds. Beside this TAC is a good opportunity to attract people in the work of OISTAT. Since AC competition addresses to students worldwide, the fee for entry is remarkable low. To hold a competition is a supreme effort to the jury and the budget of OISTAT. 

The catalogue of the competition for 2003, 2007 and 2011 is available for sale through the OISTAT Headquarters: headquarters@oistat.org