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Jump Out of Theatre: Design as Performance Forum & Workshop with Sophie Jump, Taipei, Taiwan, November 30 - December, 2016

Feb 17, 2017

“This experience is so rewarding, it opened up my perception. I feel like it uncovered a side of me that I am yet to discover.”
--Quoted from a participant from the workshop.

November 30 (Wednesday)
10:00-16:00 Design as Performance Workshop day 1

December 1 (Thursday)
10:00-16:00 Design as Performance Workshop day 2
19:30-21:30 Design as Performance Forum

On November 30-December 1, 2016, HQ invited Sophie Jump (UK), the performance designer who won the overall Gold Medal at World Stage Design 2013, to hold a forum and workshop introducing ‘site-specific’ theatre during her visit in Taiwan for WSD jury meeting.

Sophie Jump gave thorough introduction to her site-specific performance installations during the workshop and forum, revealing the concepts and creative process of her team. During the workshop, she took participants through the process of establishing connection between actors and the surroundings. She also gave task to enable two strangers to build close bond by sharing the deepest secrets of past wounds and have them pour out feelings on paper using a simple charcoal pencil.



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