Member Activities

TAC 2017 Exhibition in WSD

Jun 25, 2017

July 1 - July 9

Closing Day (July 9):10:00am-6:00pm
Foyer of Office of International Affairs
Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
Exhibition tour
July 1 Saturday 13:00-13:30
(Due to the space limitation, the tour is Limited to 15 people. First come first serve)

The Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) is an international ideas competition organized by the Architecture commission of OISTAT, aimed at students and emerging practitioners exploring the possibilities of theatre architecture.
Themed as “Theatre as Public Space,” TAC 2017 calls for designs of a temporary theatre (or theatres) in The Public Activity Center, a disused sports stadium in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. The design task is to create a “theatre village” for a festival of theatre and the aim of the competition is to challenge the conventional typology of the theatre. Competitors are encouraged to collaborate with theatre-makers to explore the complex issues arising in the design of theatre space - the geometry and atmosphere that best support the telling of stories in a live performance. 
The TAC 2017 Exhibition features the winning 25 entries selected by an international jury from 102 entries received from 23 countries. Ye-Tai, designed by Che-Hung Chien from Taiwan, is awarded as the first prize of TAC 2017. The selected entries will also be published in the TAC 2017 catalogue.
Full list of TAC winners