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TIP 2017 Exhibition in WSD 2017

Jun 25, 2017

July 1 - July 9
Closing Day (July 9):10:00-18:00
Foyer of Office of International Affairs 
in Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
Exhibition tour
July 5 Wednesday 16:00-16:30
(Due to the space limitation, the tour is Limited to 15 people. First come first serve)
Technical Invention Prize (TIP) is a global competition organized by OISTAT Technology commission. TIP awards technicians who come up with simple and smart solutions to the works in theatre or entertainment industry. The exhibition features 13 winning entries from Belgium, Finland, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and Hungary. The first prize is awarded to Jansjörre by Joris Thiry from Belgium. The selected entries will also be in TIP 2017 catalogue. 

Technical Invention Prize provides an opportunity for theatre-makers to share their solutions and inventions with the international theatre community. The innovations in theatre technology continuously push the boundary of theatre arts. 

First Prize 
Joris Thiry, Belgium

Second Prize 
Metallic Angle to Support a Wooden Set Wall
Jari Juntunen, Finland

Third Prize
Rabbit Ears
Delbert Hall, USA

Honorable Mentions
Fabric Conveyor
Brad Steinmetz, USA

The Portable Colour Filters Cutting Track
Tsz Kin Billy Wong, Hong Kong

Handy Tape String
Tina Wang & Tze Yun Hsia, Taiwan

Selected Entries
Focus Buddy
Pablo Guerra-Monje, Spain-USA

Improved Wagon Brake
Timothy Francis& Shannon Perry, USA

The Leaf Drop Conveyor Belt
Nils Emerson, USA

Flown Band Shell
Roland Simmons, Canada

Dynamic Light Transmission Altering Projection System
Zoltán Vámos & Zoltán Egyed, Hungary

The Vomitron
Gregory Smith, Canada

Netting Stretcher
Rachel Keebler, USA