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【Symposium】Light, Space, People, City

Feb 16, 2015

2014 Symposium - Cultural Landmark & Its Communities

Speaker: Jan K Rolník (Czech Republic)
Curator of SIGNAL Festival

Launched in 2013, SIGNAL is the first light festival in Prague, Czech Republic. Its programming involves the entire city of Prague, and is well-connected with the citizens. With the goal to utilize the public spaces and to create a different city experience, SIGNAL successfully transformed the city into an inspiring playground, a labyrinth full of surprise and astonishment, where people can gather after dark to experience the city they have not seen before.

In this presentation, Jan Rolník talks about the formation of SIGNAL light festival, its programming and resources. He also shares the outcome of its first edition in 2013, which attracted more than 250,000 people visitors. Its impact on the economy of the city is also explicitly analyzed in the presentation.

Download complete presentation summary here.