[Reminder] Call for intents and proposals to host World Stage Design 2025

May 6, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

The call for intents and proposals to host World Stage Design 2025 (WSD) is open until May 31, 2021. Considering the uncertainty of COVID-19 pandemic, the vision presentations for WSD 2025 will take place online at OISTAT Online World Congress during October 8-13, 2021.

World Stage Design (WSD) is an OISTAT event held every 4 years that is comprised of 4 distinct components that are presented simultaneously:

  1. International Design Exhibition and Competition
  2. Scenofest
  3. Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC)
  4. Technical Invention Prize (TIP)

In addition to the 4 components of WSD, the OISTAT World Congress will also be held during WSD.

The primary goal of World Stage Design has been to present an exhibition of designers work that explores the breadth and diversity of international design practice. 

Each WSD has developed a complimentary programme of activities representative of all of OISTAT’s commissions: The Scenofest. This has in the past included performance programmes, symposiums, workshops and masterclass programmes. Each WSD organizer is invited to create their own unique Scenofest programme to run alongside the exhibition.

WSD moving forward as a quadrennial project of OISTAT will connect creators, practitioners, artists and audiences in an international festival and celebration of performance design, theatre architecture and technical theatre.

At the Online World Congress in 2021, we will give interested contenders the opportunity to present their vision and plans for WSD 2025. After the World Congress, the newly elected Executive Committee shall evaluate the proposals and designate the location for WSD 2025 before February 2022. OISTAT Headquarters and Executive Committee will form an advisory group to facilitate the preparation process of WSD.  

Bid guidelines for hosting WSD 2025 are detailed as following: 

Proposal Submissions
Proposal submissions should be made to the Headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, before May 31, 2021 in PDF format via email to headquarters@oistat.org 

Proposal & Presentation

  1. The submitted proposal should include the following:
    • An overall vision for WSD 2025 and how it will be realized in its location.
    • An overview of all collaborative partners.
    • An outline of time lines from final event dates back through submission dates.
    • An outline budget of the event.
  2. Contenders will be allocated a 10-minute presentation at OISTAT Online World Congress during October 8-13, 2021. Presentations shall be sent to Headquarters by September 30, 2021.

WSD 2025 Obligations 

  1. WSD 2025 will organize an exhibition that represents the breadth and diversity of international design, celebrating the range of design disciplines, culture and practice within OISTAT.
  2. WSD 2025 exhibition entry is open to all individual designers who have worked to create realized performances between August 2021 and the date of WSD 2025.
  3. WSD 2025 selection to the final exhibition will be made by a panel of international curators.
  4. WSD 2025 will integrate the Theatre Architecture Competition and the Technical Invention Prize as a part of all WSD 2025 promotions, exhibition and awards.
  5. Scenofest will include a diverse programme of activity and performance representative of all OISTAT commissions.
  6. WSD 2025 shall be responsible for the overall management and budgeting of the Exhibition, Scenofest, Theatre Architecture Competition and the Technical Invention Prize. 
  7. WSD 2025 shall be responsible for the event catalogue.
  8. WSD 2025 shall be responsible for local and international media promotions.
  9. WSD 2025 shall be responsible for event documentation, including photo and video of all events and maintaining a sustainable digital Gallery.
  10. WSD 2025 will include OISTAT’s World Congress.
  11. WSD 2025 will organize local transportation and accommodation for all EC, GB, voting delegates, Presidential Candidates, EC candidates and the Headquarters (approximately 70 people) The accommodation provided will where possible be free or provide a low-cost option.
  12. WSD 2025 shall be responsible for the travel costs, accommodation, honorarium and per-diems of the invited Congress keynote speaker(s). (Approximately 4 people)
  13. WSD 2025 shall be responsible for opening receptions of WSD and Congress. 
  14. WSD 2025 shall provide OISTAT with a final report for project review and archives.

All proposals with contact information should be sent directly to the Headquarter via email (headquarters@oistat.org) before May 31, 2021.


Bert Determann    

Executive Director
Wan-Jung Wei

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