What is Technical Invention Prize?

May 25, 2021

The Technology Commission of OISTAT initiates a competition of the simple yet bright ideas that are in use on stage every day: The Technical Invention Prize/TIP is awarded to the theatre technician who comes up with the most creative idea for common practice on stage.

The idea must concern an apparatus or (auxiliary) tool that is specifically used in theatre technology, capable of being used in every location that theatre technology is practiced.

It must consist of materials and/or parts and/or components that are ‘standard’ and can be bought easily. Materials, parts and components that are developed for - and normally being used in - another industry, can certainly be used improperly. The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool must be – without possible doubt – developed by a(n) (ex-) theatre technician. Renowned solutions, gadgets or tools can not be taken into competition. The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool must not be developed by a professional commercial company. The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool should be free of any rights and everyone should be able to use it without any financial consequences. The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool must already be in practical use somewhere.