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Obituary of Iván Szabó-Jilek

Dec 5, 2022

With great sadness and sorrow, we announce the passing of Mr. Iván Szabó-Jilek (1939 - 2022) at the age of 83. He was a representative to the OISTAT PCC and a member of OISTAT Hungary.

Mr. Iván Szabó-Jilek was graduate engineer, theatre consultant, planner for theatre technology, founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine SZÍNPAD – Technique of Performing Arts, awarded the Proscaenium Ring.

He regularly lectured on theatre architecture and stage lighting at the Institute for Advanced Training of Engineers and at the Department of Visual Design of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He worked as a planner and expert in theatre technology."
The link below is of the presentation of the German edition  of his book was held by his daughter Rita Angst in Vienna on the 23rd of November during MEET 2022 (an event hosted by the OETHG)

Brief Description:
"The work shows the wonders of Renaissance perspective sets and the workings of wooden stage machinery. You learn about the stages of the scenery theaters, the use of gas lighting in theaters, which often led to fire disasters and about the Asphaleia Theater, which caused epochal changes in the theaters. The first steel-structured hydraulic stage machinery was put into operation in 1884 on the stage of the Budapest Opera House. The unique water-hydraulic stage machinery disappeared without a trace from the stage of the opera house in 1984 when it was celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Born in Fire - Asphaleia - a stage that founded a new era (asphaleia-buehne.com)
First presentation of the German language edition: https://youtu.be/MF3fblTJ_cgT

Richard Bryant
Chair of OISTAT Publication and Communication