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Jul 11, 2023

With both online and in person seminars, discussions and networking events , ITEAC 2023 (International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference 2023), the world's leading international conference that focuses on performing places, will be presented by one of OISTAT UK Centres, ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) from September 19 to 20. The registration for ITEAC 2023 is now available. As an Non-UK OISTAT member, you will get an exclusive OISTAT member discount (GBP £30 OFF) on the Online Access ticket.
Don't miss your chance to be part of this international conversation and explore the future of performance spaces by purchasing the online access discount ticket!


Time : September 19-20, 2023
In-Person Event Location : IET London: Savoy Place
Online Access:  ITEAC 2023 Online Event Platform
Online Access Discount Ticket Price for Non-UK OISTAT Member: GBP £120 (VAT Tax included)  (Original Price: GBP £150 )
Theme of Sessions : Environmental Sustainability, The Digital Revolution, and Serving Communities

What is ITEAC

ITEAC, presented only once every 4 years, is the leading international gathering for those involved in conceiving, imagining or making the places in which we experience performance. This year's edition, ITEAC 2023, is set to be the most diverse and enlightening conference since its inception in 2002.

Engaging for the first time with participants across global time zones, combining online connectivity with Hubs in London, Brisbane, São Paulo, Hong Kong and beyond, ITEAC will for the first time achieve a truly worldwide conversation. The conference will explore three key themes driving dramatic change in theatre practice and space: Environmental Sustainability, Digital Revolution, and Serving Communities.

Sustainability content includes a review of the global Green Book initiative, currently being adopted by theatre communities across the world; a look at the engineering innovations needed to support sustainability; the 'Stages’ project that enabled a global tour without anything moving from place to place; and a look at the challenge of making theatres buildings sustainable.

Examination of how theatres are connecting with new communities takes a look at some recent theatre projects from Japan, Sweden and Australia that have been developed with community support. Participants will learn how the city of Bogotà has adopted a radical approach to spreading cultural infrastructure across the city. From Sao Paulo in Brasil, you will learn of community projects embedded in deprived communities. From New York, meanwhile, comes a review of the longterm Public Works project for community-based production.

Digital, in all its forms, is rapidly transforming theatre. ITEAC will look at the digital cutting edge of Virtual and Augmented Reality, and the way it's being used by theatres across the world. Dortmund's new Digital Academy will provide a laboratory for experimentation. How the three highly-connected cities in East Asia, Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong supported the expansion of digital work will also be discussed. General round-ups will cover some technical ground with a look at new systems for audio enhancement, and at the implications of new standards for stage engineering.

Finally, the conference will spotlight new theatres from around the world, as well as the major refit of Sydney Opera House, perhaps the world’s most recognisable performance building; and finish with an overview of performance culture in Bogotà, Hong Kong and across Latin America.


Steps for Getting the Online Access Discount Ticket

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Purchasing  Deadline: September 19, 2023

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