OISTAT Sound Design Series Kickoff: Production Intercoms with Vinnie Macri & Introduction to the Sound Design Sub-Commission on April 9, 2024

Feb 26, 2024

Join OISTAT's inaugural quarterly event on April 9th, hosted by the Sound Design Sub-commission & Apeiro Design, for an educational dive into Sound Design. This session features an expert discussion on Production Intercom System Design led by industry pioneer Vinnie Macri, alongside an introduction to the OISTAT Sound Design Sub-commission chaired by Bradlee Ward.

Discover why efficient communication systems are crucial for live event production and how they serve as the backbone of successful shows. Learn more about OISTAT's Sound Design Sub-commission and the opportunities available to you.


Production Intercom Systems: From Basics to Workflow Optimization with Vinnie Macri

Vinnie will start with a basic introduction to production intercom systems, then dive deeper into how they work and why understanding communication needs is crucial before setting them up. This session is great for anyone interested in learning about intercom systems, from beginners to those with more experience. We hope to see you there!

Download a free copy of Vinnie’s excellent Design Guide to Designing Intercom Systems:



Vinnie Macri

Vinnie collaborates with R&D and product development teams, and acts as an educator and liaison to consultants and sales-channel customers. With over 45 years in communications, intercom and audio distribution, Vinnie has contributed to major industry handbooks and is a member of notable organizations like AES, IAAPA, Infocomm, NAB and SVG.

Bradlee Ward

Brad designs audio-video and communications system for performance venues around the world. Previously, Brad was Lead System Tech for Cirque du Soleil’s The Beatles LOVE which had what was the largest production intercom system in the world! Brad has been an active collaborator in OISTAT’s Sound Design Sub-commission since 2002. He was the curator for Sound Kitchen at World Stage Design in 2017 (Taipei) and 2022 (Calgary) and is on the curation team for World Stage Design 2025 (Sharjah).