Announcement of the 2025 12th Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC)

Jun 18, 2024


The 12th OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) is organized by Sharjah
Performing Arts Academy (SPAA) and the OISTAT Architecture Commission with support from Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF) and Sharjah Architecture Triennale. 

The Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) is an international ideas competition aimed at students and emerging architecture practitioners. It has taken place every four years since 1978 with the objective to encourage new ideas about theatre architecture and interdisciplinary cooperation. Collaborations between architects and other theatre practitioners such as directors, designers, technicians, actors, dancers, musicians, or students of those fields, are encouraged in the Theatre Architecture Competition. 

The winning entry is unlikely to be built, but cash prizes will be awarded, and the best entries will be exhibited at World Stage Design located at Bait Al Obaid Shamsi, in Sharjah, in October 2025. 

*2025 12th Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) applications open on DECEMBER 19TH 2024


Theatre of Possibilities
How can we create a flexible temporary performance studio for 6 months of the year without losing the locale of the house?

➤ The site for the competition is the courtyard of Bait Obaid Al Shamsi, situated in the Heart of Sharjah ( Google Maps ; Map Coordinates: 25.362114547371288, 55.38661589321336 )
➤ The design brief, terms and conditions and drawings and photographs of the site can be downloaded from the World Stage Design website.


The entry fee for the competition is AED 200 per entry and prize money will be awarded to winning entries as follows: