Publication Project by Dorita Hannah Seeks Support

Aug 23, 2012

Glorious Theatres & the Ghosts in Their Machinery Seeks Project Support

Ghosts in the Machinery... gorgeous architectural photographic prints and pre-ordered signed books are available through donations to a crowd-funding project on empty theatres as spaces haunted by the ghosts and gods that have inhabited their stages as well as the multitude of spectators who continually occupy their seats.


Dorita Hannah, an independent NZ artist and scholar who specializes in performance design and space, is based in New York where she is finalizing her book, Event-Space: Theatre Architecture & the Historical Avant-Garde, which will be published next year by Routledge Press. She is collaborating with NY-based Israeli photographer, Shuli Sade, in order to include images of theatres in Germany, France and England: the designs of which were influenced by the European Avant-garde who called for a more immediate experience between performers and public. Although the publishers have managed to commit to incorporating photos in the book, funds are still required for Shuli to travel to the various sites and take original images that will be utilized in the book and also form an exhibition called Glory Machines. Hannah and Sade collaborated on a chapter for the book, Eating Architecture, which discussed the conversion of NYC's meat-processing into galleries for art and design. Shuli captured the last of these butchers' sites with their fleshy labor and archaic equipment: settings which have since disappeared from the now-trendy Meatpacking District. The pair are excited to be collaborating again on the Glory Machines, which will form the 3rd part in a trilogy of works by Sade called Ghosts in the Machinery. Signed digital prints of her poetic images of abandoned industrial sites in the US and deserted courtyards of Budapest will be made available for purchase through online donations. Those interested in finding out more about the project go to the USA Projects website set up for artists to crowd fund their projects - http://www.usaprojects.org/project/ghosts_in_the_machinery - and donate as little or as much as you can in order to assist Dorita and Shuli achieve their mutually supportive projects. 

Dorita Hannah has been based between New York and New Zealand for the last 12 years where she undertook a PhD at NYU in performance studies and where she is currently researching, teaching and working on a design proposal for a mobile Globe Theatre constructed out of shipping containers. Dr Hannah curated and designed a major exhibition on Theatre Architecture for the 2011 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Space. Last year she also collaborated with New Zealand choreographer Carol Brown on a site-responsive dance-architecture event, called Tongues of Stone, for the city of Perth.