The Compulite-Danor Stage Lighting Museum Seeks Collaboration

Feb 2, 2013

Compulite Museum in Israel holds a particular collection in the field of stage lighting. In the decade of its existence, it has been regularly visited by theatre people, school children and the general public. With the aim to make the best of the collection abroad, Compulite Museum is willing to consider exhibiting the whole collection abroad, without charge to any organization which would be interested in promoting the legacy of stage lighting. Also, the Museum is willing to consider applications to house, maintain and make available to the public this one of a kind collection featuring numerous archeological authentic exhibits, documents models, presentations and reconstructed stage lighting encompassing the development of theatrical lighting from the renaissance to the present time.
The foundation and operation of the museum are wholly financed by Compulite. Ben Tzion Munitz of Israel Centre of OISTAT is the scientific advisor for the Museum.

More about the Stage Lighting Museum :

http://www.compulite.com/stagelight/index.html (Official website)