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Call to artists by Amsterdam Light Festival 2013: ‘Building with Light’

Apr 10, 2013

Call to artists by Amsterdam Light Festival 2013: ‘Building with Light’

Amsterdam Light Festival is calling on artists, architects and engineers from across the globe to submit designs for the second edition of Amsterdam Light Festival. The festival will be held from November 28th 2013 until January 19th 2014 in downtown Amsterdam, with ‘Building with light’ as its central theme.

The proclamation of this Call for Concepts also constitutes the start signal for professionals in the international art, design and architecture industry to submit their own interpretations of ‘building with light’.
Curator and artistic leader of the festival, Rogier van der Heide: ‘We want to demonstrate the importance of light in all its facets, to the city but to mankind as well. We want to start Building with Light, but not just in the architectural sense. Because we also want to build an experience and invite artists to explore the materialization of light: through reflection, transmission, light radiation and light absorption.‘

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The call is also the starting signal for the realization of the second edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Last year, the festival was able to get impressive artworks to the Netherlands, while drawing 375.000 visitors.  If the initiators have their way, the upcoming edition of the festival will be even bigger.

‘The next edition will consist of a more extensive water route and the visitors will be able to admire even more works during the Illuminade, a walking route across the city along light artworks’ says Felix Guttmann, driving force behind the festival. Guttmann is expecting even more enthusiasm and support of partners and sponsors.  ‘Last edition, we demonstrated what we are capable of, as a team. If we persevere, Amsterdam will be praised for this festival in a matter of years, and it will attract huge crowds during the winter.  An exuberant and diverse festival with great artistic value, that everyone will be able enjoy and that allows everyone to be part of its success story!’

About the festival
The second edition of Amsterdam Light Festival is a cultural festival of light and water that puts the splendor of the historic city in the spotlight. From November 28th 2013 until January 19th 2014,   light sculptures made by contemporary (international ) artists can be admired in the public space and buildings and bridges are illuminated in an enchanting or artistic manner. Visitors will be able to visit the Illuminade (a walking route) or the special Water route, which can be taken by boat or by foot. The festival is realized by means of collaboration between cultural institutions, the municipality, knowledge institutes and the business community.