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Tbilisi Biennial of Stage Design

Oct 13, 2016

27-31 October 2016

Project goals:


  1. Promotion of the development of the modern art space in the Caucasus by conducting the interdisciplinary international forum “Tbilisi Biennial of Stage Design” and founding a new professional festival in the international cultural festival map.
  2. Development and expansion of the OISTAT’s international professional network and formation of the Black Sea scenography curators network for the entrenchment of the European qualification, quality and values in the region. Modern theater transformation research. Development of cooperation between actors, curators and critics.

Project events

Expected Results:
The establishment of a regional forum of the international stage design in Tbilisi with the participation of representatives of the Caucasus countries (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia) will become an important cultural event, which will contribute to the development of both the Georgian scenography school and the scenography of the countries region-wide. The Tbilisi Biennial of Stage Design will become a preparatory stage in between the Prague Quadrennials, for the curators and stage designers in the region.

The project will contribute to the better acquaintance and cooperation of artists of four countries, exchange of concepts of scenography innovations and trends, cultural dialogue between them; will create an environment for better awareness of young artists, their self-realization and employment.

Discussions and workshops conducted by the OISTAT members in frames of the project will form the basis for the development of the international educational program that will enhance the professional skills of young artists and curators, will deepen their knowledge of presentation at an international competition and exhibition, cooperation with the international creative team.

The project will expose the ways for the regional expansion of the OISTAT international network and the capability of the OISTAT itself, will promote international cooperation and career development in the ЕС, will increase the availability of professional opportunities. OISTAT network expansion will contribute to the creation of competitive environment in the South Caucasus and the emergence of a new interdisciplinary platform.

Project sustainability:
The International Biennial (Fair and Forum) of Stage Design will be conducted every two year and it will aim to increase the number of participating countries in the exhibition space and to display more scenographic specialties in the exhibition space.

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