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ADAM 2019:ADAM Artist Lab 2019 - Open Call

Jan 28, 2019

Founded in 2017 by the Taipei Performing Arts Center in Taiwan, Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance (ADAM) is a new initiative dedicated to fostering cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary exchanges between artists from across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
ADAM features the collective residency program Artist Lab, an invitation for artists to meet, exchange ideas and invent new collaborative possibilities. Following the residency, artists are invited to publicly share their research with both local and international arts professionals and audiences at the Annual Meeting program. ADAM has continued to support projects developed in the Artist Lab including the IsLand Bar (2017), which premiered at the Taipei Arts Festival in 2018. Artists who have participated in ADAM have been also invited to return as guest-curators.
In 2019, ADAM is delighted to invite dance artist Scarlet Yu (HK) to curate the Artist Lab in collaboration with Rebecca Hilton (AU) and Yang Shu-Wen (TW). The theme Trans-Local(s): Performativity of Place(s) situates the research in several sites and within several different communities of the city of Taipei, meeting cultural histories, exploring both place and transience as ways to reflect upon and reimagine the concept of ‘local’- one of the critical issues of our times.   
ADAM Artist Lab 2019:
Trans-Local(s): Performativity of Place(s)

22 July - 18 August 2019 (including the ADAM’s Annual Meeting 15-18 August)

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