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Carlos CELDRAN, Cuba – World Theatre Day Message Author for 2019

Feb 14, 2019

A letter from Mr. Tobias Biancone, the Director General of International Theatre Institute ITI
UNESCO, Paris & Shanghai, China, 13 February 2019

Dear Colleagues,
We are sending you this letter and documents, because you are a partner of ITI and because it might be of interest for your organization and you to be part of the campaign to promote theatre trough the message for World Theatre Day 2019.
Every year the Executive Council of ITI choses an outstanding theatre personality to write the message for World Theatre Day, which is celebrated since 1962 on the 27th of March all over the world.
It is our great pleasure and honour to officially announce that for 2019 Carlos CELDRAN from Cuba, the outstanding stage director, playwright and theatre educator, has been selected to write the message for 2019.

Attached you find the original message in Spanish (original), English and French. Additionally, you find the biography in the three languages and the photo by Laura Ramos that is copyright-free (but the photographer needs to be mentioned).
Attention: Unlike in other years, you may publish the message and its translation from now on. The reason for this is: In those countries where the message was distributed to theatres, interested groups and media/press very early the circulation and promotion of the message was the strongest. And that is the goal of the message: To reach and inspire with the message as many people as possible.
If you would like to translate the message into your language, please contact the ITI Centre of your country (www.iti-worldwide.org/centres.html) or the General Secretariat of ITI (tom.johnson@iti-worldwide.org) to find out if there is already a translation being prepared.
If there is no ITI Centre in your country feel free to translate the message and send the translation to tom.johnson@iti-worldwide.org, Please mention at the end of the message the name of the translator. After receiving it, it will be put on the ITI and World Theatre Day website for further use.
Important: The message (original or translation), biography and photo is for use for theatres, theatre groups, theatre professionals, theatre aficionados, theatre universities and schools, etc. It should be published, circulated, sent to press & media, be part of an event, read in front of an audience, etc. Many of the ways of its use can be found in the attached PDF: “How to Celebrate World Theatre Day”.
If you create an event for World Theatre Day, please send the information about time, location and programme of your event, to news@iti-worldwide.org so that it will be found on the virtual map on www.world-theatre-day.org/worldwideevents.html.
Vive le théâre ! Viva el teatro ! Long live the theatre!
DG ITI Deputy DG ITI ITI Project Officer
PS. Attached we also send you the document of how World Theatre Day can be celebrated and is celebrated by ITI Centres and associated groups all over the world.
Attachments(Download all):
- Letter to the Partners of ITI - WTD Message 2019 EN
- World Theatre Day message in Spanish (original) in Word
- World Theatre Day Message in English (translation) in Word
- World Theatre Day Message in French (translation) in Word
- Biography in Spanish, English and French in Word
- Photo of Carlos CELDRAN by Laura Ramos (JPG)
- How to Celebrate World Theatre Day in English and French in PDF