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Toption Fair: China (Guangzhou) International Performance Equipment and Commercial Applications Exhibition

Feb 15, 2019

Toption Fair steps in the stage
As a platform for the manufacturers to display stage equipment and commercial applications, China (Guangzhou) International Performance Equipment and Commercial Applications Exhibition (named “Toption Fair” in short) will take place in Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre from 8 to 10 May 2019. Occupying 30,000 sqm, the fair is expected to welcome 200 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors from all over the world. Exhibits in wide range including lights & sound, stage machinery and equipment, KTV accessories and much more.
As is known to all, Guangzhou is one of the top three metropolis in China, it features incredible purchasing power and enjoys business networking worldwide. Moreover, China’s export of light & sound products is very well with a wide reach in the global industrial sector and has been growing year after year. Located in factories-gathered base, the fair is no doubt to be an aggregation for the industry.

Why attend:

Now the work is proceeding smoothly in the organizer’s office. General Manager of the organizer, Ms. Zhou said, “With our professional works and serious attitudes, we attract high-tech products and they will vie for attention in the fair. Meanwhile, this year we followed the tendency of “The Belt and Road”, we believe the fair will draw attention from the world.”

For more information, please visit us at: www.toptionfair.com/en or contact us at: toptionfair@126.com or +86 20 3223 2787. We look forward to your attendance.