2000 OISTAT Technology Commission Meeting Minutes

Jun 18, 2000

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OISTAT Technology Commission
Minutes of Meeting in Budapest
June 15-17, 2000

1. Welcome
Welcome words were received from Mrs. Hedvig Belitska-Scholtz, President of the Hungarian OISTAT centre.

2. Introduction of the delegates:
Austria: Bruno Groesel, Belgium: Ivo Kersmaekers, Canada: John Mayberry, Finland: Timo Tuovila, France: Jean-Pierre Decaudin, Hungary: Sándor Böröcz, Japan: Masaji Ito, The Netherlands: Louis Janssen, Poland: Andrzej Sosnowski, Romania: Adriana Raicu, Sweden: Erik Westerlund, USA: David Ramsey

3. Regrets from missing delegates
Jose Antonio Prades Hung ­ Cuba, Jonathan Darling ­ USA, Richard Brett ­ Great Britain

4. Delegates overview the Minutes from the Helsinki meeting
The minutes are approved without change.

5. Theatre Atlas
- Workgroup member Louis Janssen reported that the format has been concluded and is on the web. Each country may now start collecting data
- The format is established in two forms; metric and imperial
- Remarks from delegates: Timo Tuovila, what is right and what is left, John Mayberry, which pit measurements should be used, with temporary seats or without, Bruno Groesel, who will use this
- Louis Janssen remarked that if there are questions when filling out the form, then a person can contact the commission for clarification.
- Progress by country;
   Canada ­ has their own collection, but not in published form
   Austria ­ it is on the web
   The Netherlands ­ has their own collection which is not on the web, but is available
   Romania ­ Has none
   Belgium ­ has their own collection, which they will convert and put on web
   France ­ has their own collection, which will be on the web in the fall
   USA ­ will try to start the process
   Finland nothing yet
   Japan ­have their own format, in book form, which is available
   Poland hope to start the process
   Sweden ­ have their own which is on the web
   Hungary ­ will begin with this format
- Each country should keep their own Atlas website instead of one central site, but make them available via links. Any question should be forwarded to Timo Tuovila.
- Louis Janssen reports that Spain has their own website; www.SGAE./mire/Mire.html

6. Berlin Congress
- ShowTech will be May 11 ­ 15 and the OISTAT Congress will be May 15 ­ 18 in Babelsberg.
- The theme will be Training
- Suggestions from the floor for side programs were suggested;
   Louis Janssen suggested a 3 day workshop on rigging and pyrotechnics; Timo Tuovila suggested a presentation on current training; John Mayberry suggested a workshop on teaching health and safety; Timo Tuovila suggested a workshop on knowledge, techniques and communications; Richard Brett wrote to suggest a tour of theatres, rules of management, maintenance of equipment, and a presentation of the technical Commission¹s working groups; Other suggestions from the floor included; a workshop including flying performers, its history, rigging methods; stagecraft¹s; pyrotechnics; weapons; moving lights; and standardization of technical drawings.  
7. Wireless Mics
- John Darling reports that the information is now posted on the web. He will try to expand the list and will resubmit the request to unrepresented countries.
- Jean-Pierre Decaudin has the information and will resubmit it to John Darling.
- Eric Westerlund will contact Norway, Masaji Ito will contact Korea and Taiwan, and Sándor Böröcz will help Romania.
- Bruno Groesel will resubmit his information to John Darling.
8. Operation Guidelines
- Louis Janssen and John Mayberry have submitted the Guidelines to the OISTAT Executive Committee and have placed them on the web.

9. Equipment Standards
- Bruno Groesel reports that only Sweden has responded. Japan, Austria, and Germany have submitted headlines.
- One problem is that there is no way to analyze the information.
- It is good to list even those countries that do not have standards.
- Building, use, and safety standards are the 3 common standards that exist.
- E.S.T.A. is trying to put together standards.

10. Hong Kong Project
- There is nothing to report.

11. New Business
- Timo Tuovila related the problems of flying, in Finland. John Mayberry will send him the Canadian standards.
- John Mayberry initiated a discussion to create the position of Secretary. It was decided not to officially create the position on a permanent basis, but rather to appoint a recording Secretary yearly.
- The TCT (Technical Communication in Theatre), Lyon, Berlin, London, and Amsterdam are discussing standardizing theatrical drawing. Louis Janssen explained the initial meeting that was held to create a standard in drawing. Lighting and machinery are not standardized at the current time. Timo Tuovila requested information telling us how to get involved with the project. www.DDHG.DE/TCT is the site and the contact person is Peter Burkhardt, whose e-mail address is admin@th-net.de. John Mayberry will contact TCT on behalf of the Technical Commission.
- The Netherlands has new laws regarding fly systems. Louis Janssen reported that after 2007 no Dutch theatre will be allowed to have any manual fly system that is capable of holding more than 75 kilos of weight. The maximum counter weight will not be able to exceed 6 kilos. The reason for this new law is stress on the human body from loading and the force needed to operate the system. In addition technicians are allowed to lift a maximum of 23.5 kilos of scenery. All scenery must be marked with its weight.

12. Health and Safety
Timo Tuovila began a discussion on health and safety. Louis Janssen related the Dutch discussion about ³Daylight on Stage². This concept was actively discussed. The benefits of humane and healthy work conditions are now of major concern. It should be an ongoing topic for this commission. Louis Janssen will translate the Dutch rules. Timo Tuovila will collect the specific health and safety laws, or guidelines, risk assessment, and other guidelines that each country has in place.

13. Website
Louis Janssen asked how can we improve our site and what should be included on it. Timo Tuovila requested that all files be PDF files, in addition to Word and Excel. Ivo Kersmaekers believes that we can make our site more user friendly. It was determined to add issues relating to health and safety.

14. European Technology Training
Timo Tuovila described the seminar held in Turku, Finland on May 26-27 that dealt with technical training. 14 countries were represented.

15. Berlin Congress
The discussion continued regarding putting forth suggestions for side programs at the Berlin Congress.
1) Flying actors GOOD TOPIC
2) Health and Safety (we need more information gathered first) GOOD TOPIC
3) Surviving stagecraft¹s GOOD TOPIC
4) OISTAT Technical Commission presentation
5) Pyrotechnics GOOD TOPIC
6) Weapons
7) Technical Theatre Training
8) Moving lights
9) Walking tour of Berlin theatres GOOD TOPIC
10) TCT theatre atlas GOOD TOPIC
11) High tech, who needs it anyway
12) The internet

16. Next Meeting
France is a possibility in November during a training festival on projections. England might be interested in hosting the Commission in 2002, in Birmingham. The U.S. is interested in hosting the 2002 meeting, in New Orleans.

17. Official Thanks
Official thank you was extended to the Hungarian OISTAT center and especially Sándor Böröcz for hosting such an exiting and interesting session.

18. Meeting Adjourned
The 2000 Technical Commission meeting was officially closed at 4:36 on June 17, 2000

Minutes recorded and compiled by David Ramsey, USA