OISTAT Technology Commission Newsletters for 2005

Dec 20, 2005

“Yesterday, 1st of November was the deadline for a few tasks concerning the PQ and the portfolio.
Will everybody please look into that, and ask for assistance if necessary.
If members who did not attend the Belgrade meeting want to join in on some workgroups, please don’t hesitate to do so.
You can also download the list as an excel file from the members only section of www.oistat.org/technology


Newsletter of November 2005
Download the Newsletter of November 2005

''First I would like to take a chance to thank you for the trust you put in me by electing me the new chair of the Technology commission.

I hope in the future we will see and hear a lot of each other as we work together on projects that will ad quality and value to our commission, and make it a lively part of OISTAT.

As you all know, Olle Söderberg presented his business plan for setting up a CEN Workshop on "Lifting equipment for stages within the entertainment industry" (LESEI) on our last meeting in Taipei."

Newsletter of December 2005
Download the Newsletter of December 2005

"As you probably remember from my last mail, 30th of November there was an information and discussion meeting about the CWA LESEI (CEN Workshop on Lifting Equipment for Stages within the Entertainment Industry)

The meeting was hosted by the organisation of the JTSE fair in Paris, France.

Not less than 7 countries participated, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Holland and France, and included TC colleagues  Bert Determan, Erik Westerlund and me, and Reinhold Daberto, chair of the Architecture Commission.

Olle Söderberg, who some of you know from the videoconference in Taipei, opened the meeting presenting the actual situation.

At this moment five European countries have specific standards for stage machinery.

Jens Schröder presented the new DIN 56950 norm.

He stressed the open rules and the adaptability of the rules."