Technology Commission Newsletters for 2006

Dec 28, 2006

Newsletter of January 2006
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"Exciting times are coming, as in a few days, on the 8th and 9th of February, the CWA LESEI (CEN Workshop on Lifting Equipment for Stages within the Entertainment Industry) will have it’s kick-off meeting in Brussels.

This is really important, and also a chance for OISTAT Technology Members to actively participate in something that will have significant impact on our industry.

You can find the program on www.cenorm.be."

Newsletter of March 2006
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"Last month, the first plenary meeting of the CEN workshop on “Lifting and Load-bearing Equipment for Stages and other Production Areas within the Entertainment Industry” was held in Brussels.

TC member Bert Determan is attending the meetings on behalf of the Commission, Erik Westerlund and Louis Janssen are attending too.

This time the workgroup was separated in a “trusses and truss equipment” group, and a “stage machinery” and “standard lifting equipment” group.

There was a huge response from the industry, and this resulted in 47 members."

Newsletter of April-May 2006
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"The official invitations for our next technology commission meeting have been sent!

You should have received them by now or get them through your national OISTAT centre.

We will meet in Belgrade from 15 to 18 September 2006."

Newsletter of June-July 2006
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"You all got your invitations and preliminary programmes, and some of you took the offer to prepare a presentation for the open sessions.

Untill now, we have received the following topics:

Martin Tschermak /Germany/

Theatre technology/economics today

Georgy Tikhomirov /Russia/

New technologies in producing art stage curtains

Andrzej Sosnowski /Poland/

Sinus Dimmer for theatre Lighting Plus and Contra (...) "

Newsletter of September 2006
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"Three projects came up for proposal:

We will organise a tour trough the exhibition with groups of scenography students led by a technician, considering the technical aspect of the different designs.

We will organise a workshop where a scenography students design a set together with a technical student, keeping budget and practicalities in mind.

We will organise a panel of experienced theater technicians from all over the world about technical consequences of scenographic design. This project will be known under the codename of OMC project."

Newsletter of October 2006
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“Yesterday, 1st of November was the deadline for a few tasks concerning the PQ and the portfolio.

Will everybody please look into that, and ask for assistance if necessary.

If members who did not attend the Belgrade meeting want to join in on some workgroups, please don’t hesitate to do so."

Newsletter of December 2006
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“Talking in Seoul to a lot of people, I realised that there is a world wide need for quality training for working theatre technicians.

As TC, we proved again in Belgrade we can provide workshops of high, international level.

That’s why I intent to collect a database of people (TC members and others) who have interesting lectures or workshops to give.

This way we can offer those to organisations who want to have them, with the OISTAT as a non profit organisation as a quality mark.”