OISTAT Technology Commission Newsletters for 2007

Dec 27, 2007

Newsletter of January - March 2007
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“After a short overview of the commissions past, present and future work, there will be a forum of Technical Directors starting the discussion from the question “What can a theatre expect from a scenographer?”

Newsletter of May 2007 
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“I’m happy to present you, after review, the agenda to our meetings in Prague.

Please come prepared as we only have a few hours to meet, so we must work quick and concentrated.

Pavel, our local TC member will be our host and try to organise some things for us.

We will keep you posted.”

Newsletter of June 2007
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“After a short overview of the commissions past, present and future work, Bert Determan gave a small lecture about the CEN workshop, and Aleksandar Brkic explained the meaning of the Serbian Pilot Project.”

Newsletter of July 2007
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“In Prague, after the TC meeting, I had a meeting with Irena Šentevska, the interim chair of the PCC, discussing several projects our commission and the PCC could do together.

After that our member John Mayberry attended the PCC meeting, explaining our common projects.”

Newsletter of August 2007
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“As you know, a workshop of CEN worked in 2006/2007 on a consensus paper for theatre technology standards, intended later to be a formal European standard.

The workshop was accompanied also by members of OISTAT TC and AC.”

Newsletter of September 2007
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“I would like that the Cuba meeting gives a lot of attention to the local technicians, learn from them, help them, and tell the world, I’m sure it will be an experience for all of us.

It fits nicely into our SPP project too.”

Newsletter of October-December 2007
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“Sándor Böröcz put together an exhibition of photographs of his work in architectural lighting, and Louis Janssens did a lecture and an exhibition on theatres his company build and renovated.

Lectures were also held by Timo, John and Bert.”