Risk Assessment of Theatre Productions

May 22, 2007

We will collect different risk assessment checklists on the website for cross reference

Here you can download a risk assessment template from Belgium
Click to Download:risk_assessment

And also a risk assessmet procedure from the same company
Click to Download:procedure_production_risk_analysis

Here you can download a risk assessment example from Poland
Click to Download:risiko_1

Here you can download a praxis from Germany
The risk assesment is Anlage 2
Click to Download:geman_risk_assessment

Attached is a document we are using in the European sub-workinggroup on Hazards, Risk & Risk assessment, a part of CEN workshop WS25. Perhaps it can be of use as a document setting the path for general understanding on how to consider risks.
Click to Download:swg_hazards_and_risk_assessment_2

(last update: 22/05/2007)