Theatre Atlas

Jun 25, 2008

NEW: theatre_atlas_oistat_5_languages.xls

The TC compiled a template to help technician to distribute technical info about their theatre.
It is based on an excel spreadsheet.
The idea is that the coordinates of  each info stay the same in translation.
For instance square 160C will be the number of flies in every language.
The sheet also converts metric in imperial measurements.

Here you can download: 
The English version:
Click to Download:theatreatlasoistat_2.0

The Dutch version:
Click to Download:atlasnl

The French version:
Click to Download:theateratlas_francais

For your information:  
The USITT technical rider template
Click to Download:usitt_tech_rider_standard

The ABTT CAD Standards
Click to Download:abtt_cad_standards_v2

The ABTT CAD Layer Guide
Click to Download:abtt_cad_standards_layer_guide

(last update:25/06/2008)