Invitation to International Virtual Sound Design Group Meeting

Mar 20, 2006

Hi everybody, and best wishes for a very happy and healthy new year!

I have been working behind the scenes with our good friend Gregg Fisher, and Associate Sound Design Group Head Steven Brown, and we would like to propose the first “Virtual” Sound Design Group Meeting for Thursday, March 30, 2006 from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 Eastern Standard Time, USA. We have chosen this time because it will hopefully allow the most people an opportunity to participate at a reasonable hour; for some of you, this may be earlier in the morning, and for many, it will be later in the afternoon or early evening, depending on your geographic location. But we think that the time will work out best for the vast majority, if not all, of our members. We want to have the meeting on Thursday, March 30th, because Steven Brown and I will be together at the USITT Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, and this will make chairing the meeting, and other aspects a bit easier.

A very early agenda for this meeting would include:
1. Welcome and introductions
2. General testing and comments about the virtual meeting
3. Discussion about projects related to Scenofest at the 2007 Prague Quadrenniale
    - Building a New Babel
    - Charles Bridge Project
    - Guest Lectures and Presentations
    - Sound Designs for Aristophane’s “The Birds”
    - Creating Soundscapes in Prague
    - Collaborative Project with the Lighting Commission and the 1:4 model theatre
    - Sound Park
    - Curated Exhibition
4. 2009 World Stage Design
5. Other matters of interest to the Sound Design Group
6. Adjournment

If you have items that you would like to see placed on this agenda, please email me.

We hope to develop a conferencing technique that will allow everyone that has an internet connection to participate. So, please, if you are interested in participating in this conference, please send me an email indicating your interest as soon as possible.

This is a fairly exciting prospect for developing a low cost, viable method of working together, one that we hope can serve as a model for both the Sound Design Group, and the rest of OISTAT for years to come. Please try to find time in your busy schedules to join us!


Rick Thomas



Eastern Standard Time USA

Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 10:00 a.m.