2008 OISTAT Publication & Communication Commission Meeting Minutes

Sep 25, 2008

Museum of Applied Arts; Belgrade, Serbia, 
16-17 September 2008

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Minutes Abstract
Among the topics considered were leadership of the committee, current and new PCC projects and initiatives, the status of publication of an updated New Theatre Words, the status of the 40 Years of OISTAT publication, the possibilities for an OISTAT-sponsored book fair at the next PQ, and PCC-sponsored publishing awards. Considerable time was devoted to the OISTAT website and website-related initiatives and the possibility of publishing a monthly e-bulletin.

Because no nominations were received during the recent call, Irena Šentevska agreed, with the unanimous consent of all present, to continue to serve as interim chair.

OISTAT President then discussed a series of initiatives he would like to see completed during his term as OISTAT president. His priorities include: revising the OISTAT Website, creating a new version of Theatre Words, both in print and online, and supporting additional OISTAT-based publications, specifically those initiated by Peter McKinnon.

During the meeting, the President confirmed that it is possible for OISTAT commission meetings to be hosted by an individual as well as by institutions that are not members of OISTAT. Next Meetings of the PCC will occur during World Stage Design in Korea in 2009.

In the second day session, PCC reiterates its wish to have a new version of Theatre Words in one or both of two versions: one printed and one developed to be free and digital (web-based). To this end we seek the EC (Executive Committee) to:
     - Authorize the investigation of the technical feasibility of achieving this through involvement with the ITT projects
     - to settle residual problems;
     - to determine the underlying principle of the possible commercial development of the NTW section of the ITT site in which OISTAT would participate.

A project of three-volume series about World Scenography 1975-2015 was presented. Editors from regions around the world will be involved in this project. These editors will in turn have teams of contributors. Authors will not be compensated. Volume I, to be published in time for PQ 2011 will focus on 1975-1990, Volume II to be published during World Stage Design in 2013 will focus on 1990-2005, and Volume III to be published during PQ 2015 will concentrate on 2005-2015. The volumes, in full color, are projected to be 20% text and 80% illustrations and will focus on well-known designers who may not have international reputations but are widely regarded within their own region of the world.

OISTAT published the first volume of a monographs project, One Show, One Audience, One Single Space by Jean-Guy Lecat. Plans for subsequent volumes about other designers are underway and ideas about designers to be considered are actively sought.

The PCC members then discussed the possibility of a Book Fair at the next PQ.  The logistics of shipping, selling books in Prague, and the potential for competition with the Theatre Institute in Prague were all mentioned and general support was provided. 

As the current PCC web working group has been dissolved, after considerable discussion, a small working group (2-3 people in close physical proximity) was established to propose what the OISTAT website would be and do. The group would make conceptual recommendations to the PCC which in turn would make recommendations to the EC with the hope that a new website could be developed as quickly as possible, likely in early 2010.

All four meetings of the PCC in Belgrade were productive and benefited from the presence of EC member Peter McKinnon and OISTAT president Michael Ramsaur. The two luncheons, held in lovely local restaurants, were valuable for informal interactions as well as the good food and Irena Šentevska was a perfect host as well as chair.