2005 Publication & Communication Commission Report on World Congress

Mar 16, 2005

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2005 OISTAT Congress
Location: Toronto, Canada

Report by Chair Eric de Ruijter

1999 in Toronto was my first OISTAT meeting.
Prague in 2003 was an important meeting for the PCC as it was agreed that the Commission would work to assist and work for the Commissions and the Organisation.
Two working groups were formed, the Publication Working Group and Web Working Group.
And the Commission agreed to meet every other year.
Karin Winkelsesser is head of the publications working group.
Interested in having articles from all the journals translated to English as a new project.
Web Working Group is headed by Jerome Maeckelbergh, charged with creating the New Website. A process started in Prague with a large renovation of the old site.  Last year it was decided that it wasn’t enough- the organization was in need of an interactive site.  The old site not focused on the outside world, for example students looking for information.
The OISTAT Governing Board- gave the funds for the website, Jane Liu designed the website.
Please look at the new website, it is now in a basic form, and this is just a start. Database for members and school lists is yet to come.
There is a member’s part- not visible to the outside world.  Commissions can publish documents themselves and have internal discussions.
The plan is to have it ready in full in September 2005.
Karin Winkelsesser also presented the portfolio of OISTAT, a new promotional tool for the organisation.  There is a copy for all the Centres to take with them, and further copies will be printed and sent to the Centres.