2012 PCC Meeting Minutes

Apr 6, 2012

Long Beach, California, U.S.      
30 March, 2012

Present were Peter McKinnon, Jerome Maeckelbergh, Sandor Borocz, David Rodger, Jose Antonio Prado Hung.

There was a thorough review of the “World Scenography” book project, and a preview of the second volume covering the years 1990-2005.
Future directions for the PCC 
There was a suggestion that we look at USITT, which funnels info from commissions to the editor who puts in online.  The editor is a staff person, though.  Half the person’s responsibility is to collect info and feed the site.  Would it be possible to do the same at OISTAT?  Could the PCC do this?  The PCC needs to ensure the info is up to date and accurate.
We could provide info and encourage people to buy at events like WSD and Scenofest. Could there be a virtual book fair (given the tremendous expense of shipping books around)?  

Jose Antonio pleaded for more leadership from PCC in web-based communication.

There was a very good discussion of getting the PPC and OISTAT on FaceBook.  Would this not be actual communication?  What about blogging platforms?  These could be tools for actual dialogue – a group of almost any size.  Could we use WordPress, which is a free platform – but needs a moderator.  How about Linkedin? Each Commission chair puts info into the site.