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World Costume Festival 2016

Sep 12, 2016

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The 2nd World Costume Festival will be held in Vigan, Philippines, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and New 7 Wonder City of the World. The 2016 World Costume Festival promises to be a remarkable event that will coincide with the Raniag, Vigan Twilight Festival with events such as electric parade of floats, streetdancing, exhibits, flight of the skylanterns, candle floaters, acoustic competitions, art and skills workshops and many more.




October 20 (Thursday)

Deadline of Arrival of Costumes and Materials for Booths
Set up of Exhibition

October 21 (Friday)

Opening of Exhibition and Workshops

October 22 (Saturday)

Judging of Booths
Raniag Float Parade

October 23 (Sunday)

Costume Parade, Judging and Awarding
Raniag Street Dancing

Workshops and Lectures

  1. The Evolution of National Dress from Traje de Mestiza to the Terno - Presenter, Mr. Gino Gonzales, Philippines
  2. Sound in Relation to Costume - Presenter, Mr. Aji Manalo, Philippines
  3. Costume Lighting - Presenter, Ms. Shoko Matsumoto, Japan
  4. How to Wear a Kimono - Presenter, Ms. Chie Ohno, Japan
  5. History of Western Dress Preserved in a Virtual Costume Museum - Presenter, Ms. Laura Crow, USA
  6. Inspiration of Designing ASEAN Costumes - Presenter, Mr. Afif Ghurub Bestari, Indonesia
  7. Inflatable Costume - Presenter, Mr. Sampo Phyhala, Finland
  8. Festival Costume of South Africa - Presenter, Ms. Helene Seibrits, South Africa

For more information please visit World Costume Festival Facebook Fan Page
E-mail: admin@vigancity.gov.ph