Change of Leadership at the OISTAT Headquarters

Dec 21, 2012

Since 2005, the Headquarters of OISTAT is located in Taipei, Taiwan. The year 2005 was the starting point of support of OISTAT by the Taiwanese Council of Cultural affairs. Since May this year the Council has become a full Ministry: The Ministry of Culture.

During all these years our Executive Director, Wei-Wen Chang, directed the Headquarters. Under her leadership the Headquarters worked very hard to run the daily business of OISTAT, liaise with the Taiwanese Government, liaise with other international organizations like ITI, with PQ and many others. Inside the organization the headquarters was the center point of communication and assisted with all OISTAT activities. It was extraordinary that Wei-Wen and the HQ were also able to organize activities in Taiwan to give something back to the Taiwanese theatre community. Successful examples are From Ritual to Theatre and the International Summit Forum.

After 7 years of being Executive Director, Wei-Wen steps out of her function as Executive Director. Wei-Wen is going back to do where her passion is: creating and designing for theatre performances.

The OISTAT community owes Wei-Wen a lot. We will thank Wei-Wen publicly during the congress in Cardiff in 2013.

Starting January 1st 2013, Kathy Hong will take over the position of Executive Director. Kathy has been working in various positions in the theatre field as producer, production manager and marketing & communications manager. Kathy started her work for OISTAT at the EC/GB meeting in Cyprus in October 2012. During a transition period, Wei-Wen and Kathy have worked together to prepare the change.

We wish Kathy all the success she needs.

Louis Janssen
OISTAT president