Call for OISTAT Happy 50th Anniversary video

May 15, 2018

To celebrate OISTAT 50 years anniversary, OISTAT Headquarters calls for Happy 50 Anniversary videos from every member. The video will be featured in OISTAT Channel.

The length of the video should be under 20 seconds
Do record it in a quiet environment
Do make sure the audio is clearly recorded
See the Demo video by Headquarters

How to record:
1.  The composition in the scene should be: face to the camera, put yourself in the middle of the scene, include your chest in it, look into the lens.

What to say
please say the following sentences
1. “Happy 50th Anniversary to OISTAT” in English
2. “Happy 50th Anniversary to OISTAT” in your language
3. Your choice from one of the following 3 sentences (only choose one) OR your answer to the question “to me, OISTAT is ____    __”

A. OISTAT is where magic happens
B. OISTAT is the global network for theatre-makers
C. OISTAT celebrates cultural diversity

*Pause 1 second between each sentence

How to submit  

  1. Record it with your camera or smart phone.
  2. Upload the video clip to Dropbox or Google drive and share with oistatheadquarters@gmail.com (this is easier for smart phone users). Or, transfer the clip through WeTransfer. (This is easier for computer users)
  3. Send the basic information of yourself to oistatheadquarters@gmail.com
    (1) First Name & Last Name
    (2) Country 
    (3) Email

Submit your work before July 15, 2018.
(Please note that HQ will select, clip or edit the material you submit.)

Any questions? Ask cynthia@oistat.org