2013 Performance Design and Research Joint Meeting in Shanghai, China

Mar 30, 2013

SHANGHAI 25. – 29.03.2013

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Letter of Invitation to the National Centers of OISTAT, OISTAT Performance Design’s official Delegates and OISTAT Research’s official Delegates, Individual Members and Associate Members.

Shanghai Theater Academy, China is willing to host a of the commissions on PERFORMANCE ENCOUNTERS: Inter / Intra – Cultural Contexts for the Art of Stage Design for OISTAT Performance Design and OISTAT Research25 – 29 of March 2013.

Arrangements have been made between Professor, Doctor of Arts Reija Hirvikoski, Chair of OISTAT Performance Design; Professor, Doctor Dorita Hannah, Chair of OISTAT Research and Professor Han Sheng, President of Shanghai Theatre Academy, China.

Shanghai Theatre Academy will provide airport pickup and cover 5 nights  shared hotel accommodation for all the voting (official) delegates during 25 – 29 of March 2013 (individual rooms incur an extra cost), Non-voting delegates shall cover their own shared/individual accommodation, which can be arranged by the Shanghai hosts. All participants shall cover their own cost of international flights. The Academy will host and organize the commission meetings and a symposium. The participants are welcome to give presentations to the students of STA.

Please note that the Host contact for reply and for information is Professor Han Sheng whose contact details are below. The filled registration form and responses to the Call for papers and presentation should be sent to both chairs Reija Hirvikoski reija.hirvikoski@gmail.com and Dorita Hannah dorita.m.hannah@gmail.com, and to myself Han Sheng design_sta@yahoo.cn as indicated on the Call.  

Please confirm your attendance by 1 of March. Registration forms will be sent out as well as being available on the OISTAT website.

Call for Papers, Presentations and Posters / displays

on the theme of: PERFORMANCE ENCOUNTERS: Inter / Intra – Cultural Contexts for the Art of Stage Design

Every performance event constructs an encounter ‘between’ varying people, art forms, ideas and worldviews: between performers and audience; between the fictional and the real; between imagination, object, body and environment. In an increasingly globalized world, more and more cultures encounter each other, but often under the guise of equivalence and sameness rather than disparity and difference. In The Politics of Cultural Practice: Thinking Through Theatre in an Age of Globalization, rethinks multiculturalism through the. For occurs “across national boundaries” while intraculturalism occurs “between and across specific communities within the boundaries of the nation-state” (p6). For Bharucha, theatre is a metaphoric “laboratory of the world” to consider issues of globalization and culturalism and OISTAT Performance Design and Research and Shanghai Theater Academy, China invite 20-minute scholarly papers, 15-minute multimedia presentations/performances and/or visual displays that consider the social, cultural and/or political 'particularities' of a recent scenographic encounter. These may be in the design, making and/or performance of the work. They may focus on the specifics of locus, context, content or vocabulary. Above all, we are inviting the detail of the moments, spaces, artefacts, costumes, or images that offer an insight into the scenographic concept and its realization within a complex cultural context.

The influences of different cultures upon each other are constantly shifting ideas of theatre and performance design so that both form content and continually evolve; maybe even revolve around the globe. Yet we must always remain cognizant that such evolutions and revolutions are never equal and that it is from difference that we can learn about ourselves. As Bharucha rightly points out: cultural differences also occur from within nation states and theatre provides the platform upon which they can be acknowledged and exchanged.

Please send an abstract or proposal of up to 200 words by Friday 15 February 2013. Response will be made by Friday 22 February 2013.

Please give details of any equipment (other than Apple,Mac or other PC, sound and projector) or space needed.

The letter of invitation for Visa will be provided for each registered member by Shanghai Theatre Academy after registration is finished. Further information about Chinese Visa application, please check http://www.visaforchina.org/JKT_EN/

With many thanks, we are looking forward to welcoming you in China and a nice visit to Shanghai.

Han Sheng
President of Shanghai Theatre Academy,China
Email: design_sta@yahoo.cn

Reija Hirvikoski
Artist Professor, Doctor of Arts (DA)
Stage and costume designer
Chair of OISTAT Performance Design
Email: reija.hirvikoski@gmail.com

Dorita Hannah (PhD)
Chair of OISTAT Research
Visiting Scholar: NYU Tisch School of the Arts (2011-2013)
McHale Fellow/ Visiting Professor: SUNY Buffalo: Architecture (Fall 2012)
Adjunct Professor: Columbia University: Theatre Arts (Fall 2012)
Email: Dorita.m.Hannah@gmail.com