OISTAT Headquarters extends its stay in Taiwan until 2025

Jun 4, 2019

On May 28, President Bert Determann and Deputy Minister of Culture Taiwan (MOC), Hsiao Tsung-huang signed a new agreement to keep OISTAT Headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan until 2025. Over 50 prominent Taiwanese theatre professionals and distinguished guests from the cultural sector attended the signing ceremony to support OISTAT and to celebrate the close collaboration between OISTAT and MOC ever since the Headquarters moved to Taipei in 2006.

“The relation between OISTAT and Taiwan has been a profitable one for both of us. OISTAT has maneuvered into stable waters and has settled down organisation-wise, thus being able to fully concentrate on our tasks to serve and support those who facilitate and create design for live performance: including designers, architects, practitioners, researchers, students and associated partners.” Bert said.

The Headquarters has migrated since its founding: 1968-1993 in Prague, Czech Republic, 1993-2005 in the Netherlands and since 2006 in Taipei, Taiwan. The cooperation between OISTAT and Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture ensures the work of the Headquarters for the global theatre community can continue for the coming 6 years.