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Arts and Politics: The Approach of Theatre NO99, Taipei, Taiwan, February 5, 2017

Feb 22, 2017

14:00-15:30  Keynote Speech
Ene-Liis Semper|Artistic Director of Theatre NO99
Tiit Ojasoo|Director of Theatre NO99

15:30-15:40  Break

15:40-16:40  Panel Discussion
Ene-Liis Semper|Artistic Director of Theatre NO99
Tiit Ojasoo|Director of Theatre NO99
Yi-Wei Keng|Artistic Director of Taipei Arts Festival 
Moderator:Wan-Jung Wei|General Manager of OISTAT


Held by OISTAT and Tainaner Ensemble, “Arts and Politics: The Approach of Theatre NO99” Keynote & Panel Discussion invited Ene-Liis Semper (Artistic Director of Theatre NO99), Tiit Ojasoo (Director of Theatre NO99) and Yi-Wei Keng (Artistic Director of Taipei Arts Festival) to talk about the relations between arts and politics. The event brought together 167 people, whose background ranged from political science, performing arts to theatre practitioners, adding different perspectives into the discussions.

Theatre NO99 is a theatre in Estonia who won the Golden Triga for the Best Exposition in Prague Quadrennial 2015 with their project Unified Estonia. Unified Estonia was a fictitious political movement that ended with Unified Estonia movement assembly, attracting more than 7,500 people attending.

During the keynote speech, Ene-Liis Semper and Tiit Ojasoo presented several Theatre NO99 productions and played the video Ash and Money which is the documentary of Unified Estonia project, taking the audiences through the process of creation and outcome of the project.

In the panel discussion, panelists were invited to explore more on how arts influence society and politics. For Theatre NO99, roles of arts and artists are to capture things happening in the society and to keep dialogues going in order to show different opinions and perspectives. Talking about the differences of political theatres between Taiwan and Theatre NO99, Yi-Wei Keng said that the works of Theatre NO99 such as Unified Estonia revealed the process of manipulation while political theatres in Taiwan usually deal with injustice and inequality. At the end, three panelists gave some suggestions to young theatre makers to sum up the fruitful discussion. 

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