Guideline: How to use Zoom

Jun 5, 2020

Steps to access the Zoom meeting room are: 
1. Download the Zoom app on your laptop or mobile devices.
2. Join the meeting by clicking the link of meeting room or following steps
 (1) Open the Zoom desktop client.
 (2) Click Join a Meeting if you want to join without signing in. OR sign in to Zoom then click Join.

3. Enter the meeting ID number.
4. Enter your display name. Please use the same name as your registration form.
5. Test your microphone and speakers before meeting

6. While the speaker is giving the talk, attendees’ microphone will be muted by the host. Please use the chat feature to communicate with the host if you have any questions.

7. During the Q & A session, please click “Raise Hand” button (under the list of participants), waiting for the host to unmute your microphone and invite you to talk.

8. At the upper right of the Zoom window, you can switch between active speaker view and gallery view.

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