OISTAT Project Grant



OISTAT Seed Money Grant


OISTAT Grant is allocated to projects that support OISTAT mission and are for the benefit of the worldwide theatre community.

OISTAT Mission
Applicant Eligibility: OISTAT Members

Grant amount: OISTAT will fund Seed Money Grants to a maximum of 1,000 Euro each.

Application Criteria
  1. Grant application must be supported by one of the OISTAT Commissions or Working Groups
  2. OISTAT Seed Money Grant is meant to support specific projects in theatre design and/or technology.
  3. OISTAT Seed Money Grant is meant to help the project director seek additional funding from other sources.
  4. The outside resources should be at least double to the Seed Money
  5. OISTAT does not fund projects budgeted under €5,000
  6. Projects that encompass multiple commission disciplines and/or include the work of multiple cultures are encouraged.
  7. The project granted must be completed within the two-year cycle including the funding year. Applicants should allow su"cient time to plan, implement, close out their project. When funded, projects need to acknowledge OISTAT and Headquarters’ o"cial government supporter in all printed and online media.

Download Complete OISTAT Grant Guidelines
Download Seed Money Application Form
Download Seed Money Report Form


Guidelines and Application Instructions

Application Deadline

The application of Seed Money must be submitted to OISTAT Headquarters headquarters@oistat.org by March 31 of the funding year and to be reviewed and approved by OISTAT Executive Committee.

OISTAT Seed Money Grant Application Deadline:
By March 31, each year for the following year


Grant Review Timeline

Applications should consist of the Following:

Criteria for Evaluation

Project Report Submission

The project report should be submitted the OISTAT Headquarters no later than Nov. 30 in the year the project is finished.
90% of the grant will be granted before report submission is received

Project report should consist of the following:


Procedure of Applying for OISTAT Seed Money Grants


(A) Application form
(B) Application checklist
(C) OISTAT Seed Money Grant Report Form
(D) Report checklist