Chinese English Theater Words (Simplified)

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(English/Chinese Bilingual)

No more lost in translation! Efficiently translate between English and Simplified Chinese in professional theatre terms.  

 (Simplified) Chinese English Theater Words enables you to look up theatre terminologies between English and Simplified Chinese in categories of performance, scenery, media and administration. Detailed definitions also come with pronunciations and synonyms. 

A practical tool for those who frequently work with theatre professionals in China and Chinese theatre professionals working with English-speaking counterparts. 

  1. Stage Performance
  2. Stage Lighting
  3. Stage Sound
  4. Stage Special Effects
  5. Architecture and Building
  6. Stage Rigging and Machinery
  7. Stage Media 
  8. Stage Electronic
  9. Stage Costume
  10. Stage Scenery
  11. Administration and Management




(Simplified) Chinese English Theater Words
Editors: Feng Dezhong & Michael Ramsaur
Languages: English & Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: April 2013

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