Technical Invention Prize 2011 Catalogue


Aiming at encouraging the exchange and innovation of simple, creative and smart devices/methods that will help theatre technicians, the Award Ceremony of Technical Invention Prize 2011 was also held on June 19, Prague. The international jury, consisting of Aleksandar Brkic(Serbia), Andreas Bickel(Germany), Bert Determann(the Netherlands), Fritz Schwentker(U.S.), Johannes Musch(Germany), John Mayberry(Canada), José Henrique Moreira(Brazil). Loren Schreiber(U.S.), Pavel Dautovsky(Czech) and Tamás Szabados(Hungary), selected the winners for the First, Second and Third Prize. Mr. Hao-En Hu from Taiwan was awarded the First Prize by his innovation “T-Joist backdrop stretcher”.

Since August 2017, the TIP 2011 Catalogue is available for free.
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