Digital Theatre as Unique Form of Live Theatre

Feb 16, 2015

2014 Symposium - Cultural Landmark & Its Communities

Speaker: Tom Shaw (UK)
Business Director & Executive Producer of Digital Theatre

Launched in 2009, Digital Theatre is the world's biggest on-demand platform specializing delivering arts contents. Instead of “filming” a production, Digital Theatre “captures” what happens in live theatre and showcases them internationally. It creates a film version adding onto live theatre, not to replace it. Digital Theatre is the extension of theatre and a global auditorium for people to enjoy performances from their own homes.

In this presentation, one of the founders of Digital Theatre, Tom Shaw talks about the goal and services of Digital Theatre. As the technology improves and the internet reaches to more places in the world, what can we do to utilize technology to make more people know the beauty of theatre? The Digital Theatre team wondered. The development, the challenges, and the future plan of Digital Theatre are talked about here.

Download complete presentation summary here.