aby cohen

Aby Cohen

Oct 18, 2017

Aby is a Brazilian scenographer, artistic director, exhibition designer and curator. Internationally recognized for her work in Theatre, Exhibition, Film and Live Events, design and productions delivered to United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Suriname, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil and Argentina. IDCA2013 awarded on Exhibition Layout for a project at Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.

PQ2011 Golden Triga awarded as designer and curator of Brazil`s National Exhibition. PQ2015 International curator of SharedSpace / Politics. PQ2019 Brazil`s National Curator. Co-founder of CenografiaBrasil in 2001. Founder of PQBrasil Platform, in 2017.

She comes from a diverse multicultural, multilingual family and religious beliefs of immigrants from Europe and the Middle East, who moved to Brazil in the 1950s., where she was born and developed her education and most of her career before she moved to UK, in 2019. Currently working in England as the Head of Postgraduate Department at Backstage Academy/ Production Park.

Aby is an active collaborator member of OISTAT since 2003, joining initially the Education Commission. OISTAT/PQ Scenofest Team in 2007 (Birds` Critique) and 2011 (Digital Dramaturgies). WSD2013 Exhibition Jury, Design as Performance Curator and Programme Coordinator (Cardiff/UK). E-Scapes 2014 - OISTAT International Conference Creator and Curator (Brazil). WSD2017 Executive Member (Taipei/TW). SENA 2020 Online Forum/Festival Coordinator. Former OISTAT Vice -President 2013-2017. OISTAT President 2021-2025.