Bassam Yaqout

Oct 19, 2017

Senior Sound Designer/Engineer & Scenographer (Set &Light Designer)

Bassam has an extensive know-how combined with a fingertip feeling, which enables to create a unique experience for cultural events, Live Music Concerts, Studio Recordings, Organizing Musical Tours, Theatrical Projects Set & Light Design, Film Production, video and media arts, cultural education, Interdisciplinary forms of (Arts & Science & Technology) and Last not least Organizing Conferences & Exhibitions.

Bassam is An Egyptian, born in Kuwait, has a
-    Bachelor Degree in Scenography /Theatrical Arts from the Academy of Arts Cairo.
-    A Certificated in Arts management from The Davos Institute of Arts Management The Kennedy Center.

He has worked on numerous cultural projects, cross-culture exchange, entertainment events; Live Concerts in music, media, film and theatre in Egypt and internationally.

Due to his extensive international experience, he is a natural choice when foreign cultural organizations are holding events in Egypt. Naming only a few German Culture Centre (Goethe Institute), French Cultural Centre (CFCC), Danish Cultural Centre (DEDI) , Swiss Culture Centre (Prohelvetia), Spanish Embassy & Cervantes institute El Cairo, USA Embassy in Cairo, as well as Conferences with The United Nation HQ ….etc.

He is since Past 10 years also carried a prestigious position: 

The Secretary of OISTAT- ESTTC-Egyptian Sceneographers and Theatre Technicians Centre (E.S.T.T.C)
He has furthermore, represented Egypt with his work in Sound Design 
At World Stage Design 2013 in Wales England, PQ2015, WSD2017 in Taipei-Taiwan, Prague Quadrennial Czech Republic 2019.