New Team at OISTAT Headquarters

Dec 11, 2015

OISTAT has grown rapidly through innovative projects and great achievements in the past few years, which brings more tasks and enormous responsibilities. In 2015, we have a brand new team at OISTAT Headquarters, led by the General Manager, Wan-Jung Wei. Under different divisions of work, each role in the office is assigned to tasks that best match their strengths, ensuring a smooth running in the completion of projects and as well as daily operation.

Looking at the Headquarters, things are a bit different from what it used to be. First of all, we have two new roles of Digital Marketing Officer and Art administrator. What comes with this change in the job titles are the specific tasks being distributed within the office.

Taking a closer look at the daily routines of Headquarters, the General Manager is the leader of this team, guiding the office towards achieving every goal. Secretary is mainly responsible for managing subject matters related to OISTAT members, and office maintenance in general. Digital Marketing Officer, deals with day-to-day exposure of OISTAT, particularly looking for appropriate materials that could be posted on OISTAT Facebook page and newsletters. Art administrator, who has a strong background in finance and once an OISTAT intern, takes care of issues related to our receipts and tracks financial records before they all go to the accountants.

On top of that, this is the youngest headquarters team in the OISTAT history, with an average age of 28! With endless energy and enthusiasm, we are passionate to the possibilities out there and we look forward to serving the best interests of OISTAT.


Team Members

Wan-Jung Wei
General Manager

Wan-Jung Wei has a MA in Arts Politics from New York University. She traveled from UN Headquarters to OISTAT HQ to combine her passion for arts and her training in international affairs. She is also a dancer & choreographer. Wan-Jung is fond of animals in general, but mammals to be even more specific.


Cynthia Chiang
Digital Marketing Officer

Cynthia Chiang has her MA degree in Sociology. She is responsible for websites, social media, newsletters and event-marketing. She started her art administration career since 2011. She has joined Ju Percussion Group and Taipei Arts International Association as a production assistant, executed several production in music, drama and dance. She started her passion for performing arts as a drummer in marching band, become more enthusiastic as a dancer in modern dance, and found her position in the art administration field.

Szu-Yun Yu

Szu-Yun Yu has a BA in political science from University of Washington, Seattle USA. She joined OISTAT in late July 2015; her responsibilities include membership management and office maintenance. Szu-Yun is obsessed with watching documentaries on Discovery and BBC; her all-time favorites are “How the Universe Works” and “Life”.

Wei-Ping Chen
Arts Administrator 

Wei-Ping Chen graduated from the department of Finance, National Taiwan University and was one of the interns in OISTAT headquarters 2014. With the management and finance background, Wei-Ping will be responsible for publication management. Wei-Ping loves performing, painting, cooking and is addicted to performance art. She looks like “Timon” in Lion King and always wears thick frame glasses.

We hope to meet theatre people all over the world in the OISTAT events! 2017 World Stage Design would be held in Taipei Taiwan, welcome to Taiwan for the 2017WSD, we look forward to seeing you in person here!