I would like to attend OISTAT 50, What should I do?

Program|OISTAT 50 Anniversary in Cardiff

May 15, 2018
Time Event Place
August 27 Mon.
10am – 1pm OISTAT EC Meeting (closed meeting)  
2pm – 5pm OISTAT ECGB Meeting (closed meeting)  
August 28 Tues.
10am – 1pm OISTAT Performance Design commission meeting  
2pm – 4pm OISTAT Lighting Design Sub-commission Meeting & Election  
3pm – 5pm OISTAT Sound Sub-commission Meeting  
August 29 Wed.
  OISTAT History Exhibition opens  
12pm – 2pm OISTAT Space Design Sub-commission Meeting  
2:30pm-3pm Opening of OISTAT 50 Main Foyer Platform
3pm –4:30pm KEYNOTE 1 | Moving Palaces: Pamela Howard
In Conversation with Michael Ramsaur and Kazue Hatano
Dora Stoutzker Hall
4:30pm – 6:15pm OISTAT Global Community Exchange 1 Main Foyer Platform
6:30pm – 7:30pm SBTD Welcomes Seven/Eleven Bar and Canteen
8pm – 11pm OISTAT Welcome Party Foyer/Gallery/Seven/Eleven Bar and Canteen
August 30 Thur.
9:30am – 10:30am Costume Sub Commission
"Crazy and Lovely Costume People" - a visual presentation
11am – 12:30pm Costume Sub Commission
Round Table: "Costume and Translation"
9:30am – 1:30pm Symposium 1 | Research & Practice (Program) Dora Stoutzker Hall
10am – 1pm OISTAT Publication & Communication Commission Meeting & Election  
1:30pm – 3pm Lunch and Workshop presentations  
3pm – 5pm KEYNOTE 2| A Touch on The Times| Mike Pearson and Collaborators Dora Stoutzker Hall
5pm – 6:30pm OISTAT Global Community Exchange 2 Main Foyer Platform
6:30pm – 8pm Workshop Presentations and ongoing  
August 31 Fri.
9.30am – 11am Costume Sub Commission
Round Table: "Costume and Copyright"
Dora Stoutzker Hall
11:30am – 1pm Costume Sub Commission
OISTAT Costume Future plans
9:30am – 1:30pm Symposium 2 | Research & Practice (Program) Dora Stoutzker Hall
3pm – 5pm KEYNOTE 3 | “A Touch on the Times: Pamela Howard” Dora Stoutzker Hall
下午 7:45 Workshop Presentations and ongoing Seven/Eleven Bar and Canteen RWCMD
8pm – 11pm ASD/OISTAT Party  
September 1 Sat.
9:30am – 1:30pm Symposium 3 | Research & Practice Dora Stoutzker Hall
1:30pm – 3pm Workshop Sharing  
3pm – 5pm KEYNOTE 4 | PQ & WSD Reflection and Prediction Dora Stoutzker Hall
5pm – 6pm Workshop Sharing  
6pm – 7pm “Eye of The Storm” Presentation Richard Burton Theatre
7pm – 8pm Drinks in Foyer  
8pm – 11pm OISTAT Celebration Night  
September 2 Sun.
2pm – 8pm Farewell and Feast  

I would like to attend OISTAT 50, What should I do?

More information on http://www.cardiffoistat50.com