Invitation to OISTAT Forum & Commission Meetings in June

Mar 28, 2019

Dear members of OISTAT,

I would like to invite you to OISTAT meetings and events during PQ. OISTAT series will kick off at 21:00 on June 12 with “Fiesta: Meeting OISTAT”, a fun night with light food and drinks, organized by OISTAT and the team of TTLA-TELA (The Theatres of Latin America). This is the occasion to bring your friends if they haven’t experienced the fun of OISTATness.

“OISTAT: The Next Fifty Years” will be held from 13:00-17:00 on June 13. It is an open forum where members are invited to share their opinions on the development of the organization. A component of this Forum will be the OISTAT Small Congress where voting on Statutes Changes will take place. Delegates of OISTAT Centres, delegates of Associate Members and Individual members attending OISTAT Forum will be entitled to vote.

On June 14 & 15, four commissions will have Chair elections: Research commission, Performance Design commission, Lighting Design sub-commission, and Costume Design sub-commission. Members of OISTAT are encouraged to participate in those meetings as Commissions are the driving force of many OISTAT projects.

Please note that the election rules are slightly different for commissions and sub-commissions. For commissions, delegates of OISTAT Centres, delegates of Associate Members and Individual members attending those commission meetings will be entitled to vote. For sub-commissions, all active members in a sub-commission will have one vote. (Guidelines for election of Chairs can be found in OISTAT Statutes-Appendix 2.)
OISTAT Forum, the Fiesta and Commission meetings will be held at Studio ALTA (Výstaviště 21, Praha 7, 170 00, Czech Republic), except for Sound Design sub-commission meeting. The location of Sound Design sub-commission meeting will be announced via OISTAT website soon. 

If you would like to attend OISTAT Forum and meetings, please Register online before April 30, 2019. OISTAT Forum & Meetings are free for registration.

List of OISTAT Meetings during PQ2019
June 10 
18:00-20:00 OISTAT Sound Design sub-commission Meeting (Venue: TBC)
June 12 
21:00-24:00 Fiesta: Meeting OISTAT 
June 13 
13:00-17:00 OISTAT Forum: The Next 50 Years
17:30-19:30 OISTAT Architecture commission Meeting
June 14 
10:00-12:00 OISTAT Technology commission Meeting
12:00-14:00 OISTAT Research commission Meeting & Election 
14:00-16:00 OISTAT Space Design sub-commission Meeting
16:00-18:00 OISTAT Lighting Design sub-commission Meeting & Election
June 15 
10:00-13:00 OISTAT Costume Design sub-commission Meeting & Election
14:00-17:00 OISTAT Performance Design commission Meeting & Election

Wan-Jung Wei
Executive Director

International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians
Organisation Internationale des Scénographes, Techniciens et Architectes de Théâtre
Suite L, Center for Innovation Taipei (CIT), No.1, Yumen St., Taipei 10452, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 25962294 Fax: +886 2 25981647
Web: www.oistat.org Email: headquarters@oistat.org

Download the invitation in PDF