Sep 26, 2019

Q: What is an OISTAT Centre? What is the difference between OISTAT Centre and Associate member?
OISTAT has 3 membership types: OISTAT Centre, Associate Member and Individual member. An OISTAT Centre is a member organization of OISTAT. The Centres are professional organizations with their local communication networks which constitute the core of OISTAT’s activities. There may be more than one Centre member within a country that represents different parties of interest related to live performance. 
Associate Member includes arts institutions, educational institutions and commercial organizations which provide training and support to the design and technology of live performance. Associate Membership is suitable schools, companies and museums which are interested in promoting international collaboration and the exchange of ideas.  

Q: How to apply for OISTAT Centre membership?
Standard procedure
1. An organization sends an application to OISTAT Download application form 
2. OISTAT Executive Committee reviews the application
3. If Executive Committee approves the application. The applicants pay 250 euros. The status of Candidate Centre will be activated after the payment.  
4. Candidate centre presents itself at the OISTAT World Congress 
5. If Congress approves, the organization will be granted for full Centre membership. The membership fee for full centre member is 500 euros a year. 

Q: I want to establish an OISTAT Centre, how should I start?
It is easier than you think. The first step is to connect with your local theatre people, find a group of partners that share the same interest in sharing their passion with people around the world and invite them to find out what OISTAT is all about. 

Q: We are a small organization, can we apply for OISTAT Centre? How many members does an OISTAT Centre need?
An OISTAT Centre does not have to be a large organization. We do have OISTAT Centre which is relatively small. The key is to have a team of theatre-makers who has passion for knowledge sharing in an international level. OISTAT Centre has to be legally registered under the law of your country, to become a legally recognized organization.
Q: Does an OISTAT Centre need to host OISTAT meetings?
Not a requirement. However, Centres are encouraged to regularly host commission, Governing Board or Executive Committee meetings. These meetings provide the Centre with the opportunity to draw upon the expertise of their professional guests to provide seminars or discussions on topics of particular interest to their own audiences.

Q: Does an OISTAT Centre need to include all three types of people including theatre designers, architects and technicians?
An OISTAT Centre does not need to include all three types. A group of theatre people from the same field of profession can also apply for the membership of OISTAT Centre. For example, OISTAT Taiwanese Centre, TATT-Taiwan Association of Theatre Technology is technicians based, while our UK Centre SBTD-Society of British Theatre Designers consisted mostly designers. 

Q: How to host an OISTAT meeting? 
To host an OISTAT meeting, please see “Guideline of Hosting OISTAT Meetings”

Q: How much is the membership fee of an OISTAT Centre.
The annual membership fee of an OISTAT Centre is 500 Euros.

Q: If an OISTAT Centre fails to pay the membership fee, what will happen?
According to the OISTAT Statutes, a Centre may be suspended if it fails to pay membership fees for two years. However, a Centre is encouraged to contact the Headquarters if it encounters any financial difficulty. Other payment plans are open for discussion depending on the situation.

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